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RSR Consultants Ltd have delivered numerous web based training events with phenomenal feedback - our first five bitsize courses achieved 9.5/10! We have also overhauled our website so that, after logging in, the Webinars page puts you in control:
1 Book on to events with a single click of ATTEND (or complete billing information if paid for). This will result in you automatically being emailed the joining instructions, outlook calendar invite and, once available, the slides.
2 Once on the attendee list have the joining instructions re-sent to you at anytime (or cancel your place)
3 30 minutes prior to start of the event attend the webinar on our website (technically on at just a click of a button. This has been designed so that low bandwidth users can attend as well as meaning it is more secure as no meeting ids or passwords need to be shared, ever. Our plan is eventually for all webinar training to be delivered via this approach as it is more secure.
4 At a click of a button we still enable the more traditional approach of attending via Zoom (either by logging in to Zoom or just attending in the browser) and enable the slides to be downloaded (they are in the joining instruction email as well).
5 After the event you can then click to leave feedback (for up to 30 days), watch the non-live recorded webinar, download the slides etc.

There are still some who query why we don't use Teams. For us Zoom is more secure as whilst both approaches only use local services, password protected, full end to end encryption (since mid Oct 2020) the Zoom waiting room is actually more secure as we remain in full control of the waiting room whereas with Teams anyone who is in the meeting can admit anyone else from the waiting room. That all said, you no longer even need to use the Zoom software or go to the Zoom website as clicking the Joint Training Event keeps you in (well technically

Importantly though, the below shows how we feel the delegate experience is much better via Zoom:
We think it is important to ensure training delegates are engaged as much as possible to avoid 'switch off'. With Zoom we have developed an approach which we liken to weather presenters where we are in the slide and there are then significant visual cues for delegates and it keeps them engaged with the training.
The below shows the exact same training materials but delivered via Teams where delegates only see the shared slides and a disembodied voice talking through them. Our view is that delegates start to drift after around 30 mins as watching slides is quite often not sufficiently engaging.

  • Both Zoom and Teams require use of a password to access training so only those authorised to access the meeting can do so.
  • Both Zoom and Teams require use of waiting room so only those authorised to access the meeting can do so (although only Zoom allows the host to remain in control of the waiting room).
  • Both Zoom and Teams can run in the browser with no login or software installation.
  • Both Zoom and Teams allow users to ask questions via chat or unmute themselves.
  • Both Zoom and Teams use servers based in Europe.
  • Both Zoom and Teams use full end to end encryption (Zoom rollout started Oct 2020) although not really a requirement for training events.
  • We switch off recording in both Zoom and Teams so that delegates can speak freely.
  • We switch off screen sharing in both Zoom and Teams so that no one can take over the training session.

Online Training
We have five online training courses that allow users to work through the materials at their own pace, with sample questions (where applicable) for them to check their understanding, definitions available by hovering over words in blue, links to guidance and even, for the Level 1 National Tariff course, an exam!

For more information more about our Retainer Service (Advisory and or training), FSD East of England Accredited online PbR training course, In-house training events, Coding/Counting/Pricing Compliance Reviews, Mediation, Expert Determination (i.e. Arbitration), Coding Change detection, Cost Benchmarking, Local Price Setting, Population Health Management or anything else please contact us.
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In case you are interested, below shows the growing catalogue of webinars that retainer clients have full access to (below are short introductions only).

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Coding and CountingFrom Patient Notes to Money
Coding and Counting [08 July, 2020] 
A short 20 minute introduction to how what is written in patient notes flows through to how activity is reported and ultimately paid for.
Introduction to SNOMED CT
Coding and Counting [08 December, 2021] 
An introduction to Snomed CT looking at what it is, how it is structured and how to navigate it.
HRGs and how they are generated
Coding and Counting [16 December, 2020] 
Looking at how codes are grouped to a HRG and what is in a HRG. Will be looking at the manual grouper as well as the app.
2022/23 Acute Activity Grouper Changes
Coding and Counting [22 February, 2022] 
A run through of what has changed in the grouper that takes acute activity datasets and groups them to Healthcare Resource Groups. Complements our HRG generation webinar
Unbundling (Palliative Care, Rehab, Critical Care, Diagnostics)
Coding and Counting [13 October, 2020] 
How it works, and scope for financial efficiencies
Ophthalmology Activity Reporting
Coding and Counting [03 September, 2020] 
Presenting from a clinical coders perspective as to how ophthalmology activity is reported.
Art of the possible
Coding and Counting [21 September, 2020] 
Looking at the richness of information that is contained with the coding of activity and how that can then be used.
Navigating the Data Dictionary
Coding and Counting [24 November, 2021] 
A useful pre-cursor to the acute datasets session, this takes a step back and looks at how the data dictionary can be navigated, what it contains etc.
Defining Activity
Coding and Counting [02 December, 2020] 
Looking at when activity is reported as a Spell vs as an attendance and some of the detail behind this.
Acute Datasets
Coding and Counting [13 October, 2021] 
Looking at how acute datasets are mandated for collection, how to navigate them and, importantly, how to better understand what they contain so can make better use of them.
Faster Data Flows (2023)
Coding and Counting [06 September, 2023] 
A quick run through of how faster data flows (daily activity submissions and not to be confused with SUS) is currently working and where providers are at with the implementation of it
Commissioning Dataset 6-3
Coding and Counting [25 May, 2022] 
A run through of the key changes in moving from CDS6-2 to CDS6-3
Emergency Care Data Set 4.0
Coding and Counting [25 January, 2023] 
A review of what is changing from 1 July 2023 with the significant update to Emergency Department reporting. Includes Same Day Emergency Care and a supplemental Q&A at the end in the slides
Same Day Emergency Care unit reporting
Coding and Counting [28 September, 2022] 
A review of how Same Day Emergency Care units are expected to report activity from 1st April 2023.
Virtual Ward Reporting
Coding and Counting [21 December, 2022] 
Looking at the current guidance around how virtual wards (i.e. intermediate care for patients with an acute level of need or Step Up Intermediate Care) activity is reported (or not)...
CostingPatient Level Costing
Costing [27 July, 2020] 
An introduction into the processes that are followed to generate patient level costs and how these costs can then be benchmarked to identify potential opportunities to reduce costs. NB Slides updated to include new PLICS Portal and Cost publication links
Patient Level Costing - Intro
Costing [16 June, 2022] 
Essentially this takes out July 2020 PLICS event, refreshes it and focuses just on how the PLICS process works.
Patient Level Costing - Benchmarking
Costing [13 July, 2022] 
Building on our introductory webinar this go into how to utilise the results for benchmarking purposes.
PLICS exclusons
Costing [08 September, 2021] 
As contract values start to be based on provider costs this session pauses to consider the areas of provider costing that are not collected nationally at a patient level that might then require specific attention.
What to do about high costing services
Costing [26 October, 2022] 
A quick run through looking at how to confirm a service is high cost and then what to do about it.
ContractingContracting Cycle
Contracting [03 May, 2023] 
A look at what an effective contracting cycle could look like and the importance of each of the steps in the cycle
Effective Contract Management
Contracting [21 June, 2023] 
Following on from the contracting cycle webinar this session then looks at how the contract management aspect can work effectively within this.
Contract Form (e.g. Alliance, Federation, Prime Provider)
Contracting [07 April, 2021] 
Looking at what a contract is, how memorandums of understanding relate to that and how different contract forms can help the NHS
Block vs Variable Contracts
Contracting [28 April, 2021] 
Working through how behaviours and things change as move from variable to fixed/block payment
Finance performance mgt under APIA
Contracting [23 March, 2022] 
Considering how acute activity can be best performance managed as we move to ICBs and predominantly fixed contract values.
Elective Recovery Funding 23/24
Contracting [22 February, 2023] 
Working through how the Elective Recover Fund is expected to work in 2023/24. NB Planned Admissions without a unit price (aka national tariff) are not part of the Elective Recovery Fund scope.
NHS Payment Scheme vs Elective Recovery Fund
Contracting [06 June, 2023] 
A quick run though of the differences between how the Elective Recovery Funding affects funding between NHS England and ICBs and then how the NHS Payment Scheme affects funding between ICBs and Providers
Increasing Capacity Framework and Unbundling
Contracting [10 December, 2020] 
There appears to be a degree of confusion regarding how unbundling works in relation to the Increasing Capacity Framework and so this short webinar attempts to address some of that confusion (and hopefully not cause more!)
A step by step guide to Service Specifications
Contracting [23 September, 2020] 
Going through how to write a robust service specification and how it links into the NHS Standard Contract
Commissioning for Outcomes
Contracting [23 September, 2020] 
Going through what needs to be considered when designing key performance indicators and other metrics
Integrated Care Systems and Aligned Incentives
Contracting [23 September, 2020] 
Bailey & Moore take us on a whistle stop tour of the world of new models of care, block contract, blended payments and briefly (see other webinars for more depth) commissioning for outcomes and aligned incentives
Queries and Disputes
Contracting [23 June, 2021] 
A session looking at the types of queries there are, how to resolve them and if it does turn into a dispute how this can be progressed
Contract Levers
Contracting [14 July, 2021] 
Looking at the various contract levers that are available to help manage the delivery of Clinical Services via the NHS Standard Contract
Provider Selection Regime
Contracting [06 April, 2022] 
A look at the potential impact of the new Provider Selection Regime following the outcome of 2 consultations but in advance of the detailed regulations expected at the end of 2022 / beginning 2023
section 75 agreements and the integration agenda
Contracting [21 December, 2021] 
A brief look at how section 75 and 256 of the 2006 Health Act can help with the overlap between NHS Health care and Local Authority Social Care
Pricing2023/24 Changes
Pricing [11 January, 2023] 
Working through the changes in the consultation, grouper, contract and National Tariff guidance that affect how activity is paid for.
2023/25 Variable Pricing Approach
Pricing [19 April, 2023] 
A review of all the aspects of variable payment to NHS providers contained in the 2023/25 NHS Payment System guidance
Introduction to Tariff: Intro and Market Forces Factor
Pricing [24 February, 2021] 
This webinar directly supports our online level 1 training course covering introduction and market forces factor.
review of new Who Pays guidance (effective from 1/7/2022)
Pricing [31 August, 2022] 
Following the new Who Pays publication (effective from 1st July 2022) this webinar looks at what is in the who pays guidance and what has changed.
Oversea Visitors - chargeable or not
Pricing [12 October, 2022] 
A walk through of when overseas visitors are chargeable for accessing NHS care or not.
NHS England Acute Specialised Delegation
Pricing [08 March, 2023] 
A discussion of how NHS England Acute Specialised might work in 2023/24
ICB vs NHSE (plus delegation path discussion)
Pricing [14 September, 2022] 
A reminder of how it is deterimned whether NHSE or the ICB pays for a care and then a discussion of how commissioning is being delegated from NHSE down to ICBs
Blending: Past, Current and Future
Pricing [28 July, 2020] 
An introductions into the principles underpinning Blending and how this can apply as Blending is extended to include Outpatients and Maternity.
Introduction to Tariff: A&E and Outpatients
Pricing [10 March, 2021] 
This webinar directly supports our online level 1 training course covering A&E and Outpatients.
Introduction to Tariff: Admitted Patient Care and Unbundling
Pricing [24 March, 2021] 
This webinar directly supports our online level 1 training course covering Admitted Patient Care and Unbundling
Introduction to Tariff: Pathways and Best Practice Tariffs
Pricing [26 May, 2021] 
This webinar directly supports our online level 1 training course covering Pathway payment approaches and Best Practice Tariffs
Best Practice Tariffs
Pricing [26 January, 2022] 
With the return of Best Practice tariffs as a variable payment item in 2022/23 this webinar looks at each of them, one by one
Setting a block contract value under aligned payment incentive approach
Pricing [09 June, 2021] 
Whilst this is 2021/22 the principles hold true for 2022/23. Looking at the various options to you under the aligned payment incentive approach for setting a fixed value contract and considering the pros and cons of the approaches
Short introduction to National Tariff: Cancer
Pricing [29 June, 2021] 
We delivered this 18 minute session (live was an hour!) to Macmillan Cancer Support and are making it freely available so that anyone who is interested can benefit from it.
A patient journey incl access targets
Pricing [25 August, 2021] 
Looking at how a patients journey from initial concerns, diagnostics through to referral and treatment are funded and how access targets interact with that journey
2020/21 National Tariff Changes (brief)
Pricing [23 November, 2020] 
This is a brief 15 minute overview of the changes to the National Tariff for 2020/21, effective from 18th Nov 2020.
2022/23 Payment Engagement
Pricing [22 September, 2021] 
Following the NHSE&I September engagement events this webinar looks at how payment for NHS commissioned services might be paid for in 20222/23
Maternity changes for 22/23
Pricing [09 March, 2022] 
A short 15 minutes run through of what has changed in the way maternity services are funded in 2022/23. Note - whilst this webinar is only 15 minutes long the live event was 90 minutes long so please be prepared for it to generate questions!
Local Price Setting
Pricing [02 August, 2023] 
A review of how the contract and payment guidance informs how local prices are to be set
Is National Tariff still relevant?
Pricing [07 December, 2022] 
A slightly self indulgent review of how relevant, after 20 years, National Prices are in a world of Aligned Payment Incentive Approach (i.e. predominantly fixed contract values)
Service DevelopmentPatient Choice - Part 1
Service Development [05 July, 2023] 
The first of a two part series looking at when patient choice applies and how it affects the commissioning of services.
Patient Choice and Subcontracting - Part 2
Service Development [19 July, 2023] 
Following on from our Patient Choice webinar this goes on to consider our it interacts with subcontracting and matters to consider.
Service Line Reporting in a fixed income environment
Service Development [28 July, 2021] 
Looking at Service Line Reporting and how it can work where income is fixed.
Population Health Management
Service Development [13 July, 2020] 
A bitesize 40min webinar introducing the concept of Population Health Management and some of the key things that need to be considered when starting on this kind of project. Sits nicely alongside our Population Health Management online course (once launched). With thanks to ICS Nottingham for permission to reuse some of their content.
Things to think about re Post Covid-19
Service Development [21 July, 2020] 
NB This is from 21st July 2020 which now feels like a whole world away. Sharing fully so you can see how somethings have been very different and some points still valid even now... A quick 25 minute run through about some of the things worth thinking about as we progress towards some form or new normal. Suspect the true value of this webinar is the debate it can generate!
Pathway Reporting
Service Development [27 October, 2021] 
Looking at how to design the reporting of pathway activity so that the administrative burden is reduced and can instead focus on improving patient benefits.
Virtual Activity
Service Development [23 November, 2022] 
A discussion about what virtual means when talking about virtual activity and a look at how that links to a typically patient journey from primary care through to acute and back out again
Quarterly Catch UpsQuarterly Catch Up: Aug 2020
Quarterly Catch Ups [27 August, 2020] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during Jun/Jul/Aug 2020
Quarterly Catch Up: Nov 2020
Quarterly Catch Ups [12 November, 2020] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during Sept/Oct/Nov 2020 including 2021/22 Tariff Engagement and Elective Incentive Scheme
2021/22 National Tariff Changes and Quarterly Catch Up
Quarterly Catch Ups [10 February, 2021] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during Nov to Jan 2021 and then a session on what is coming in the National Tariff consultation for 21/22
Quarterly Catch Up: May 2021
Quarterly Catch Ups [12 May, 2021] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during Fen/Mar/April including the Elective Recovery Fund, Aggregate Contract Monitoring.
Quarterly Catch Up: August 2021
Quarterly Catch Ups [18 August, 2021] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during May/June/July 2021 talking about second half of the year, which tariff applies and a whole range of other topics.
Quarterly Catch Up: Nov 2021
Quarterly Catch Ups [10 November, 2021] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during Aug/Sept/Oct 2021 with particular focus on the impact of the tariff being published and the elective recovery fund changes
Quarterly Catch Up: Feb 2022
Quarterly Catch Ups [09 February, 2022] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during Nov/Dec 2021 and Jan 2022 with particular focus on the Aligned Payment Incentive Approach
Quarterly Catch Up:May 2022
Quarterly Catch Ups [11 May, 2022] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during Feb/Mar/April with a specific focus on the Elective Recovery Fund
Quarterly Catch Up: August 2022
Quarterly Catch Ups [10 August, 2022] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during May/June/July 2022 talking about pay award, elective recover fund and contract agreements.
Quarterly Catch Up: Nov 2022
Quarterly Catch Ups [09 November, 2022] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during Aug/Sept/Oct 2022
Quarterly Catch Up: Feb 2023
Quarterly Catch Ups [08 February, 2023] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during Nov/Dec 2022 and Jan 2023
Quarterly Catch Up:May 2023
Quarterly Catch Ups [17 May, 2023] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during Feb/Mar/April 2023
Quarterly Catch Up: August 2023
Quarterly Catch Ups [23 August, 2023] 
A review of the most pertinent queries/topics raised during the 3 months to Mid August 2023
Our Servicesour Cost Benchmarking service/software
Our Services [17 February, 2021] 
A run through on how to make the most of our cost benchmarking service/software - this is in addition to the training retainer and is part of our full retainer service which also includes advice/support over phone/email whenever needed.
Activity, ICBs and the Tariff in 27 minutes
Our Services [03 October, 2022] 
A quick run through regarding the importance of activity reporting, its impact on costing and pricing and importantly what to read up on next... hopefully a fantastic starting point