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Please note - we never have and never will share your contact information with third parties nor do we use cookies to track your site usage, who you are etc. Adhoc emails will be sent out regarding your subscription e.g. when a new course becomes available and no marketing emails will be sent to you unless you have proactively opted in to receive them. Should you wish to change either of these options at a later date then log in, go to My Account and amend accordingly.

By accessing this site you are agreeing to use this information to help develop and implement Payment by Results (PbR) / National Tariff Payment System (NTPS).

You will keep your username and password confidential and not share it with anyone else. We do store your answers to exam questions, practice questions and current page in the training course in order for you to be able to re-visit these at a later date. Should you wish to have a copy of information we hold on you then please email, using the same email address as your are enquiring about, and we aim to get the information to you within 10 working days.

We last carried out a Data Protection Impact Assessment during 2018 as part of our GDPR readiness process and can confirm that only the minimum amount of data is retained (i.e. email, organisation, question answers, queries/responses) for business purposes and that, with no personal information such as billing/addresses/dates of birth etc. and with passwords stored encrypted in a password protected database the risk assessment is very low.

[Updated 1/11/2014] Where the organisation that you are part of is a subscriber to the training materials then you agree for that organisation to be able to monitor your usage of those training materials in terms of progress through the sample questions and performance at the exams where they are taken.

[Updated 6/10/2020] We record the first time a unique user watches a video but we do not record which user it is in an identifiable way nor do we record how much of the video has been watched. Similarly we record how many of our online courses have been used in the month but cannot identify which users have used which courses as we do not store this kind of personal data.

You will have due regard to copyright and the usage of any content on this site for a purpose beyond that of supporting you with PbR / NTPS is restricted unless agreement has been given by the copyright owner. Also no content will be used in order to directly generate income (e.g. using training slides for a chargeable training event) and references to RSR Consultants Ltd will be maintained on any reused materials.

Privacy Policy & Data Processing Record
Please click here to download our privacy policy (first published 28/5/2020.)
Please click here to download our data processing record (first published 28/5/2020.)

1) After completing the request access form how long do I have to wait for my details?
Assuming there are no issues with the internet, your firewall delaying emails getting through etc. then it should be a matter of seconds.

2) I've completed the request access form but never received my username and password, what do I do?
Please re-try the request access form as it could be that you have not entered your email exactly the same twice (you should see a blue highlighted message at the top of the page if this is the case). If it continues to be a problem then drop us an email at

3) My username and password do not work.
To ensure you are using the correct username you can use the "request username reminder" functionality ( and then click the Username Reminder button. If you are using the correct username then could consider resetting your password (can be done using the same link)

4) When I log on parts of the National Tariff (aka PbR) qualification are greyed out, why is this?
It could be that your organisation has not purchased an online training license and so you have access to recent query responses, samples of the National Tariff training course and any free courses (as vary from time to time). Do gain full access please email us ( to discuss your requirements.

5) I have changed organisation / email address, what do I do?
Log on as normal and then click the "My Account" button (at the bottom of the buttons on the left hand side). Then amend your email address and/or your organisation and click the "SAVE" button halfway down the page.

6) Where do I find my certificate(s)
Log on as normal and then click the "My Account" button (at the bottom of the buttons on the left hand side). At the bottom of this page is the ability to view your certificate(s) and then print them out or save them as required.